Three months after receiving the police investigation, Wine announced his office would not be filing criminal charges against the bouncer responsible for McKinney’s death punch bar. Police treated the incident as a death investigation, turning over their findings to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office days after McKinney died. Medical professionals understand one punch can cause serious, deadly injuries.

The New Fashioned is expected to open sometime in 2024, with more details expected during a joint press conference with the Bucks and Bars & Recreation on Wednesday, Jan. 24. For more info, check out the new concept’s website – and stay tuned to OnMilwaukee. The New Fashioned moves into the space formerly occupied by interactive bar and restaurant chain Punch Bowl Social, originally opened in 2019. The location closed during COVID-19 and didn’t reopen again until March of 2022, only to close for good a year and a half later in October 2023.

It has since expanded to include a number of activity-focused bars including Amped, AXE MKE, NorthSouth Club and Nine Below. The company also owns the Game Show MKE and Splash Studio brands. That sum-is-greater-than-parts assessment is shared by Sondre Kasin, principal bartender at Cote, a Korean steakhouse with locations in New York, Miami and Singapore. Originally from Oslo, Kasin knew Ruas from his pre-design days as a bartender in Norway, and recently enlisted BB on the design of Coqodaq, a buzzy fried-chicken spot near the original Cote in Manhattan. The layout of that space, with a long, straightforward bar along one side, made it a good candidate for one of the agency’s ready-to-install options (a hybrid of the Paloma series). The secret to providing products (like Three Milk) that do exactly as they’re advertised is to grow as many ingredients as possible ourselves, and to source everything else from local farms and suppliers.

Keep in mind water tends to force the bottom of the yogurt tubs to bulge during freezing, so you might want to set the tub on a flat surface, like a cookie sheet, while it freezes. To release the ice, soak the bottom of the container in warm water for about one minute until it can slide around. “We have to look at what is the likelihood that the assailant, in this case the bouncer, engaged in conduct that he believed could cause death or serious physical injury,” Wine said. In an interview with police, the bouncer admitted to punching McKinney in the head one time.

The bar, which opened in 2019, was the agency’s first big international project. Its custom two-person, island-style station is highly flexible; its perforated stainless steel hexagonal inserts can be flipped to function as a work surface or storage. The design is now one of a few models the agency offers as off-the-shelf solutions.

LMPD does not have any record of the plaintiff/spouse attempting to provide the department with video footage to see if this would alter the ruling of this case.” “A search warrant was drawn up and signed by a judge for a living forensic examination of the suspect. The warrant allowed for the collection of biological samples to be tested by a certified lab if it was deemed relevant to the investigation. Based upon both information received from the investigation and direct observations by the investigator and the department’s consulting physician, this test was not deemed essential and therefore not conducted. “Over the last year and a half, I’ve been trying to do everything I can to scream for justice because this was so, this was…so wrong on so many levels,” Clark said.


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