Exclusive: Carrie Buck Displeased with Consultants / Lombardo Inc.

Late night messages unveil an anxious State Senator

Speculation swirls around Carrie’s fashion choices, but insider sources affirm that State Senator Buck of SD5 expresses deep dissatisfaction with her campaign team and the Governor’s advisors.

Beyond her peculiar choice of attire, including a questionable Captain Kangaroo-esque jacket and a hairstyle that defies categorization (are those extensions?), signs of mounting tension within the Buck campaign emerge.

In her now-infamous late-night texts (where truth often slips out), Senator Buck vents her frustration, feeling she’s not receiving sufficient value for her investment. While the pun on her surname may be mine, the sentiment holds true.

Senator Buck’s grievances encompass everyone, including the Governor’s office, indicating widespread dissatisfaction.

Despite the Governor’s endorsement, it appears insufficient to satisfy Buck’s expectations.

While the exact nature of her expectations remains unclear, it’s evident that Carrie Buck is discontented and, in characteristic fashion, seeks to shift blame onto others—except herself, naturally.

Could this dissatisfaction lead to a shake-up within the Buck campaign? Time will tell. Stay tuned for updates!


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