Welcome Gonzo’s Treasure Map from Evolution

It is evident that Evolution has invested heavily in this game in an attempt to recreate Gonzo’s superstar status for live dealer players. Do they anticipate success? To learn more, consult our evaluation of Gonzo’s Treasure Map.

How is Gonzo’s Treasure Map operational?
An aged map-inspired 70-square wall is present in this live casino game. The setting, a studio constructed specifically for this film, provides an insight into the ancient Incan civilization. Gonzo’s Treasure Map requires users to forecast the locations of gold and multiplier blocks.

You position coins on the map-inspired wall in the center of the screen to commence the round. A single wager can only cover one square; it is impossible for a single wager to cover multiple locations. You have until the timer icc cricket world cup expires to finish placing your wagers.

As the map vanishes before our eyes, three fortunate Gonzo keys are revealed adorning the wall. The upper portion of the playing field then begins to move, resulting in the fall of five blocks chosen at random. Each block may be a multiplier block worth 20x or a gold block worth 10x. In order to win these cash rewards, the corresponding block must appear on a position where you placed your wager.

Aspects of Gonzo’s Treasure Map
The bonus feature is triggered if a gold or multiplier block falls on a stone with a Gonzo key that you wagered on. Furthermore, in the incentive feature, all multiplier values are doubled by the multiplier blocks.

Gonzo uses the unveiled key to rotate the wall, revealing a new grid comprising seventy stones that are endowed with multipliers. These multipliers vary between 25x and 500x, and a special x2 Double tile is also included. A solitary ruby block descends until it reaches a position of consistence in a column. You are awarded currency after it selects one of the stones in the column upon which it lands.

Ruby blocks that land on the Double tile multiply all multipliers on the grid by two. Following this, the bonus feature is replayed. Multiple landings on the Double tile are possible, granting the opportunity to enhance rewards by a maximum of $500,000 per win.

Does Gonzo’s Treasure Map Justify the Effort?
Evidently influenced by the criticisms expressed during Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Evolution endeavored to streamline its sequel. Walls are utilized in both games, and players are tasked with selecting specific positions. In contrast, Gonzo’s Treasure Map eliminates the need to wager on particular stones and locations in order to win. In contrast, those who secure the correct position are awarded a monetary reward.

Due to the frequent activation of the Bonus feature, there is always an opportunity to earn greater rewards. Nevertheless, one should not anticipate perpetual advantages from it. In each round, only three keys are revealed, with a total of 70 possible landing locations.

If the original Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt was a little too much for you, this game might be more to your liking. Once more, Evolution has delivered a visually stunning and entertaining game that strikes the target. We highly endorse Gonzo’s Treasure Map to anyone in search of a fresh game show to participate in.


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