What has the author Daniel Chudnovsky written?

Daniel Chudnovsky has written:

‘Transnational Corporations and Industrialization (United Nations Library on Transnational Corporation, Vol 11)’

‘La competitividad internacional’ — subject(s): LLEIDA PSICOLOGO International Competition, International trade

‘El comercio internacional de bienes de capital’ — subject(s): Commerce, Commercial products, International economic relations, Tables

‘Auge y ocaso del capitalismo asistido’ — subject(s): Government policy, Petroleum chemicals industry

‘The future of hemispheric integration’ — subject(s): Free trade, MERCOSUR (Organization)

‘Las multinacionales latinoamericanas’ — subject(s): Foreign Corporations, International business enterprises

‘Economia y tecnologia del control numerico para maquinas herramientas’ — subject(s): Automation, Data processing, Industrial Robots, Manufacturing processes, Production engineering


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