Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education

This is a type of education that seeks to impart students with the required knowledge and a skills to succeed in business.Entreprenuerial education is offered in primary, secondary and college although in different variations according to many dissertations and term papers.Entreprenuership itself can be defined as the process of checking new business opportunities in the environment and at the same time looking for resources to exploit the already identified opportunities, solely for the purpose of making profits.

The Objective of this kind of education according to dissertations by Maria is to be able to help students identify opportunities, which can be exploited in order to start a business and ensure it succeeds. Term papers by Timiti show that entrepreneurial education is very important in that it fosters innovation, management of scarce resources and critical thinking. This is the kind of education that can have immediate impact in the real world if students can apply the knowledge learnt in class.

Dissertations by Gifford Pinchort show that if students can use all the knowledge learnt in Entrepreneurship education they could not be having problems in their own financial management no matter how little their finances are. Gifford has also outlined in his term papers on entrepreneurial education that it can be divided into a number of parts according to their objectives. The parts include: Generation of ideas to start abusiness, Actual opening up of the business, Identifying new products that need to be introduced in the market, looking or gathering resources like capital for starting the business and managing finances, calculating risks ,making informed decisions and calculative risk taking .

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